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Thank you

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the World Congress of Families 7 Sydney 2013 I wish to thank everyone who contributed in any way, great or small, to its outstanding success.

The feedback from patrons, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, delegates, volunteers and supporters all attested to the high calibre of presentations, and the positive atmosphere that was generated. People in the hallways spoke excitedly of new connections, inspirations, solutions and resolutions. The energy was palpable and it was generally held that all those who attended went home recharged and ready to tackle the ambitious projects that lay ahead. So thank you again for your contribution.

The success of the Congress was, of course, no accident. A dedicated team from both Australia and New Zealand and advisors from around the world massaged the theme and subject matter over many months to build a truly coherent program.

The Call for Papers attracted an astonishing number of applicants (around 180) which allowed the Programme Committee to select papers for both relevance and calibre. The Congress was thus the coming together of over 100 leaders from academia, business, law, politics, religion, media, health, education, entertainment, and activists, who presented data and reasoned arguments for strengthening the natural family.

Of course with such a feast of speakers presenting in the concurrent sessions (five sessions in parallel), I can sympathise with the chorus of people who exclaimed how difficult it was to choose between sessions. However since all sessions were recorded, no one need miss out. DVD and Online access can be purchased allowing you to watch your favourite sessions or those you missed, at your own leisure. Download order form at

The WCF7 Declaration made at the close of the Congress is a wonderful summing up of the evidence presented and resolutions proposed at the Congress. I thoroughly recommend the study of the WCF7 Declaration which can be downloaded here.

So what happens now? The World Congress of Families has an ambitious and urgent task of shifting the debate in key areas to strengthen the natural family worldwide.

Will it succeed? That is up to us. For those who came to the Congress, who were inspired and energized, your task now is to become catalysts for change – at home, at work, in the community and in your affiliated organisations. Everyone can do something.

I would like to see this Congress be the springboard for the changes needed across the board, to usher in a new era where the natural family can flourish and children will enjoy a happy and secure future. This will be the measure of success!

The next World Congress of Families will be in Moscow, Russia in September 2014.

I hope to see you there.

Mrs Mary-Louise Fowler
WCF 7 Sydney Local Organising Committee



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